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We have a report from one of our citizens stating she received a phone call yesterday afternoon and the caller ID showed the callers number as 903-654-3002 which is the administrative line for NCSO. The caller tried to solicit money by stating that he was a detective at the NCSO and a warrant was about to be obtained for check fraud, deception by fraud and other crimes if she did not send $900 to him through American Cash Advance. The number to call back for questions or information was a 202 area code. Three things for our citizens to be aware of at this time: If you receive a call from the NCSO, the caller ID will not show the number 903-654-3002. The area code 202 is not a local area code and does not affiliate to Texas, and most importantly the NCSO does not call to warn anyone of a warrant, solicit payment to prevent charges, or solicit money. Be cautious and don't fall victim to this or any of the many scams being perpetrated against our citizens. The IRS scam is popular right now as well. The IRS does not call anyone advising to send them money. Don't be victimized. If you are in doubt, contact your local law enforcement.
Sheriff Elmer Tanner


Navarro County Sheriff star