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Criminal Investigation/CID

The Navarro County Sheriff's Office Criminal Investigation Division consists of six Detective Sergeants under Captain Stan Farmer and Lieutenant Clint Andrews.

Once a uniformed Navarro County Deputy takes a report, C.I.D. will begin a follow-up investigation. C.I.D. is responsible for processing and cataloging evidence at crime scenes. They also prepare affidavits for arrest warrants, search warrants, interview victims, witnesses, and suspects, and perform many other related duties.

CID investigates crimes ranging from illegal drug activity, theft of property, residential and commercial burglary, criminal mischief, identity theft, computer fraud, arson, sexual assaults, and homicides.

criminal investigation division

These incidents may be investigated with assistance of the patrol deputies, the Prosecuting Attorney, and other law enforcement agencies.

group photo with the D.A and C.I.D
Navarro County First Assistant D.A. Will Thompson and A.D.A. Andrew Wolf pictured with CID
Captain Stan Farmer, CID Lieutenant Clint Andrews, and CID Sergeant Ricky Ragan.

criminal investigation division pictured with drugs seized

While investigating a crime the CID detective will conduct their investigations in a professional manner that is conductive to the discovery of the truth and the successful prosecution of those who commit crimes in Navarro County.

Information obtained from the public is also very valuable in all types of investigations. NCSO Detectives wish to encourage anyone with information about criminal activity, or any ongoing criminal investigations, to contact the Criminal Investigation Division.