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Civil Process Information

Navarro County Fee Flyer, see text below for more information

Navarro County Sheriff's Office

Criminal Justice Center

300 West 2nd Ave,

Corsicana, TX 75110

(903) 654-3001

(903) 654-3044


Navarro County Fees




Fee Name Fee Amount
Citations $85.00
Subpoenas $85.00
Summons $85.00
Writ of Attachment $150.00
Writ of Garnish $150.00
Writ of Sequestration $150.00
Writ / Order of Sale $150.00
Writ of Executive $150.00
Writs Not Specified $150.00
Writ of Possession $150.00

Service Fees:

Fee Name Fee Amount
Eviction Citation $100.00
Justice Court Citation $85.00
All other Courts' Citations $85.00
Posting Notices $50.00


Additional Requirements in this County:

In addition to the above fees, a $30.00 per hour standby charge on Writs will be added after 2 hours per deputy.

Title: Navarro County Sheriff's Office, Sheriff Elmer Tanner

Address: 312 West 2nd Ave

City, State, Zip: Corsicana, TX 75110

Phone: 903-654-3002

Fax: 903-654-3044