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Narcotics Arrest


On June 2nd, Deputy Holmes and Sgt. Thurston responded to the 236 mile marker north bound IH-45 in reference to a male subject walking in the middle of the interstate. Upon meeting with the subject, the subject appeared to be very nervous and even physically shaking and stuttering his speech.

Sgt. Thurston detected an odor of a metabolized alcoholic beverage emitting from the subjects person. Deputies then patted the subject down for officer safety and discovered a Crown Royal bag in the subjects pocket. The bag contained a 380 handgun along with approximately 6.3 grams of MDMA "ecstasy" and 7.0 grams of cocaine. The subject having previous felony convictions out of Dallas county is now charged with unlawful possession of a firearm by felon, possession of controlled substance PG 2 over 4 under 400 grams, possession of controlled substance PG1 over 4 under 200 grams and instantered on public intoxication.

Another good job by our Deputies of taking these illicit drugs and a weapon off the street.
Sheriff Elmer Tanner