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Compliance Checks for Registered Sex Offenders



The Navarro County Sheriff’s Office and the Corsicana Police Department will conduct compliance checks of known registered sex offenders to ensure these subjects are complying with their registration requirements, per Texas C.C.P. Chapter 62. The objective of this mission for all participating agencies is to verify registry compliance, and to initiate fugitive investigations on those subjects found to be non-compliant with Texas sex offender registration laws and/or the Sex Offender Registration and Notification Act (SORNA).


The Texas Department of Public Safety (TX DPS) will assist the Navarro County Sheriff’s Office (NCSO) and the Corsicana Police Department (CPD) with conducting a 3-day Sex Offender Compliance Operation in Navarro County starting September 29th through October 1st. Due to the growing population of registered sex offenders in Texas, the increased amount of manpower and time to conduct compliance checks is necessary. Fugitive investigations will be conducted on those subjects found to be in violation of sex offender registration laws. Navarro County Sheriff’s Office (NCSO) and Corsicana Police Department (CPD) are the lead law enforcement agencies on this operation. The NCSO, CPD, and TX DPS will combine manpower and resources to determine if registered sex offenders are in compliance with the Texas state sex offender registration laws. If the subject no longer resides at the residence or in violation of another requirement, an investigation will be initiated by the NCSO, CPD and/or TX DPS. The registered individuals are required by law to show proof of identity. Those individuals who are currently on probation or parole are required by law to allow representatives of Probation and Parole to enter the residence for additional compliance review requirements. In furtherance of compliance checks, teams will conduct themselves within the guidelines of state and federal law.


Navarro County Sheriff’s Office, Corsicana Police Department, Texas Department of Public Safety, U. S. Marshals Service (North Texas Fugitive Task Force), Rice Police Department, Kerens Police Department, Navarro County Constable Pct. 2, Adult Probations (Navarro County), Dallas Police Department - Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force (ICAC Unit)


There are approximately 189 known sex offenders residing in Navarro County, Texas. This mission will focus its resources in Navarro County by conducting compliance checks on approximately 120 of those registered sex offenders. The operation will continue by identifying, locating, and apprehending any/all absconded sex offenders with a duty to register within Navarro County.

Sheriff Elmer Tanner