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Letter of Gratitude



September 23,2015


Elmer Tanner
Sheriff, Navarro County
312 West 2nd Avenue
Corsicana, Texas 75110


Dear Sheriff Tanner,

The purpose of this letter is to commend Deputy Shane Richards and formally
inform you of the excellent job he preformed on Sunday, September 6,2015.
Deputy Richards responded to my call regarding a burglary of my family's property
in Eureka. Upon his prompt arrival, he surveyed the situation; asked questions and
attentively listened to my answers; and, methodically looked for leads.
Although there was nothing of much monetary value there to be taken, the
sentimental value of one item (a 4500 pound cast-iron safe) that belonged to my
grandfather was irreplaceable.
Completing his investigation, Deputy Richards did not promise me he would find the
culprit, but he did assure me he would do everything possible to recover the safe .
......And, that he did!!! Within 45 minutes of departure he informed me he had found
the safe. And ultimately, the thief was arrested.
In an era when respect for authority seems to be diminishing, and the nightly news
horrifies us with attacks on those who vow to protect us, I feel it is important to
speak up and speak out.
In my opinion, the service Deputy Richards extended was top notch and certainly
warrants your attention as well as that of his peers. He certainly has my gratitude
and utmost respect.

Donna (Montgomery) Settle
Former Navarro County resident