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School is back in session reminders


Dear Friends,

As you well know, back to school time is an important event for our entire community. Things will be a little different for everyone as we start back this school year. Some school districts have already begun.

Students and teachers will be heading back to class with some changes in daily routines and teachers have had to make some changes to their classrooms as well. Administrators have worked tirelessly and diligently to make sure proper and necessary adjustments have been made to accommodate the needs of everyone in maintaining healthy learning environments.

Safety concerns have always been priority for or students and staff in the county. This year, that is still the case it just happens there have been a few additions due to the current situation in our nation.

Businesses are equipping families, teachers and administrators with the supplies and services they need for a successful and safe school year. Back to school is a very busy time and effects us all.

So as always, I ask that during this time, please be extra cautious when driving and in traffic. Be mindful of all our school zones especially during the morning hours and early afternoons. Keep an extra look out for potential hazards around our schools and in neighborhoods where children play. Slow down and increase your stopping distances.

School buses are back on the road, so be aware of school bus routes in your neighborhood and throughout your daily travel. Leave plenty of time and space for buses. With school traffic, anticipate delays in your travel and leave early enough so you're not in a rush.

Also please remember when approaching a school zone or school bus on the road, be prepared to stop for bus and pedestrian traffic and by all means do not text and drive. Obey ALL "no cell phone" posted signs.

I want to thank all of you who help make our education system an integral, positive force in our community especially this year with the extra adjustments and precautions having to be taken. Our children are counting on us, so let's work together to make "Back to School" a rewarding, fun and safe time for all Navarro County residents.

Thank you,
Sheriff Elmer Tanner