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National Public Safety Telecommunicators Week


Today begins National Public Safety Telecommunicators Week. "Telecommunicators" is the professional title for those we affectionately call Dispatchers or 911 Operators. They are the true First Responder. The lifeline for not only the community, but for the Officers, Deputies, Firefighters, and Paramedics on the street. They are the hero most will never meet. Please take time to thank and honor these heroes in your community. Let them know you appreciate the job they do. We send them all our thanks and tip our hats in their honor.

These folks are a very special group of individuals. I am proud of our telecommunications officers, the job they do for our officers, fireman, first responders and our community each day.

The stress, patience and multiple hats they must wear in a day is not known by most. Even when faced with a troubling or emotional call, those that can stick with you or even gets under their skin, the dispatcher remains calm and carries on. They take a breath, put their emotions aside and keep going because that's what it takes.

I hope you will join me in honoring them this week and letting them know they are appreciated.

Sheriff Elmer Tanner