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Narcotics search warrant executed


On Friday, 3/6/2020, the
NCSO Narcotics Unit executed a narcotics search warrant in the 3300 block Lafayette Street in Corsicana.

A quantity of methamphetamine and a quantity of Tetrahydrocannabinol(THC) dab oil was seized at the location.

Two suspects at the location had active Parole Violation warrants.

As a result of the investigation five suspects were arrested at the location and charged with Man/Del CS PG 1 > 1G < 4G in Drug Free Zone and
Man/Del CS PG2 > 1G < 4G in Drug Free Zone.

The suspect location was within 1000 feet of Fullerty-Garitty Park which is a drug free zone.

Our deputies did a good job of
getting these drugs off the street and especially because they were located within a drug free zone.

Sheriff Elmer Tanner