Today we held our Annual NCSO Departmental luncheon for our employees and guests. We look so forward to this opportunity each year
to not only have food and fellowship with those that work at the NCSO but to also share together this time and holiday meal with those that support us in what we do.

A huge thank you to David A. Nyquist and David B. Nyquist not only for the generous donation of BBQ for our holiday meal but also for your continued and valued support of law enforcement. We thank Bob Austin with 5 Star Correctional Services Inc. for helping in providing food for the meal today as well.

As always, much appreciation and love to Darrin Richardson, Becky Hatchel, Krystal McCollum, Traci Cardwell, Teresa Burnett, Amy plant and Sarah Lane who did an awesome job in coordinating and setting up the meal for everyone to enjoy.

We appreciate, value and are extremely grateful for all our employees, friends and guests and wish you all a very Merry and Blessed Christmas.

Sheriff Elmer Tanner