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Missing female from Kerens Care Center


Sharing from the Kerens Police Department.

Kerens Police Department

On 12/05 at around 6:30am Cynthia Patterson a 58 year old residence of the Kerens Care Center walked out unseen by staff. Cynthia Patterson is known to have mental illness and other health issues. Early information stated that she may have been trying to make her way to Malakoff or Athens. New information obtained this morning says that she was seen walking on Highway 31 between Kerens and Powell that very morning. Please keep a close watch for Ms Patterson, she has been missing for over 24 hours and needs vital medication. Please call Navarro County Dispatch if you see Ms Patterson at 903-654-3001. Thank you for all your help.


On 12/06 Family and Care Center Staff informed us that Ms Patterson had recently went through a foot procedure and is wearing a Black Medical Boot. Family and Staff stated that Ms Patterson couldn't have walked very far alone. The evidence is showing that Ms Patterson has most likely had help leaving the Navarro County area but this is unconfirmed. Were being told she was wanting to reconnect with a gentlemen in the Athens. We have received some reports of possible sightings in Maypearl,Tx and Payne Springs Area. These were unconfirmed sightings. Thank you for all your help and please keep praying for Ms Pattersons safe return.


On 12/08 at around 9:30am Ms Patterson was Found. She was transported to Navarro County Regional Hospital.