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September 11, 2001


18 years ago today, 343 FDNY firemen, 60 police officers, 8 paramedics, and 2997 civilians, lost their lives during the worst terrorist attack on US soil.

The ...9/11 attacks brought about the largest deployment of Search and Rescue dogs in US history. Over 350 trained dogs and handlers came to the Twin Towers site and the Pentagon to search for survivors and to find bodies.

The dogs suffered injuries during the rescue effort, but vets would patch them up and the dogs would go back to work, searching the ruins for more survivors. Veterinarian teams worked 12 hour shifts to care for the courageous dogs.

All of these wonderful dogs are gone now, as we pause to remember all the victims, and all the heroes of September 11, 2001. Never has man had a truer, finer friend than a dog. Today we offer them the honor and respect they deserve.

-Never Forget-

Search and rescue dog napping

Fireman comforting a search and rescue dog

Search dog in a lift harness

Search dog climbing over beams

German Shepherd searching the rubble

Firefighter standing on top of the rubble

A searcher smiling at yellow lab doga Fireman and a Yellow lab dog searching

German Shepherd looking intently into rubble

A Collie watching a pile of rubble

Rescuers and a dog searching

Painting of a Fireman and a rescue dog

Painting of 2 german shepherd dogs, a black lab and the remains of the twin towers behind them