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Kerens PD arrest


Early this morning, Kerens PD Officer, Ray Ivy conducted a traffic stop on Hwy 31 for the offense of speeding. Upon contact with the driver, who was identified... as: Jacob Jennings from Lousiana, Officer Ivy smelled a strong odor of Marijuana coming from within the vehicle. Officer Ivy called for a backup unit, to which Deputy Vanloocke with the Navarro County Sheriff's Department arrived.

When asked, Jennings admitted to having Marijuana in the vehicle. The Officers searched Jennings' car and discovered a significant amount of Marijuana and THC oil. Both substances were found to be a felony amount of Marijuana and THC. Jennings claimed ownership of the illegal substances and was arrested for Possession of Marijuana over 4 oz less than 5lbs and Possession of a Controlled Substance for the THC Oils.

We applaud Officer Ivy on his continued commitment to hard work and his dedicated service to our community. Furthermore, we appreciate and applaud the teamwork displayed by Deputy Vanloocke and Navarro County Sheriff's Department as they too provide a vital role in assistance and service to the City of Kerens. Teamwork always proves to be a tremendous asset when Law Enforcement joins one another for the common good!

God Bless our Officers and the shared passion of making our community a safer place to live, work and play!


Jacob Jennings seized illicit drugs