Courthouse personnel learn tactical response

Sheriff develops, teaches crisis management

Sheriff Elmer Tanner conducted active shooter response training for Navarro County Courthouse personnel Friday, April 26. He developed the program as a way to give back to the community, utilizing his thirty years of tactical training to educate businesses, school staff, and now, county officials on identifying and reacting to crisis situations.

“Everybody wants a safe workplace for their employees,” said Sheriff Tanner, praising County Commissioners for being receptive to the program and allowing him to share life-saving tactics and information with civilians.

This program differs from the mandatory training required annually for law enforcement officers, instead focusing on getting themselves and others out of harm's way. The interactive course uses a combination of videos and lectures, along with question and answer sessions, to enhance individuals' ability to recognize and remove themselves from dangerous situations.

Sheriff Tanner stressed the importance of taking responsibility for their personal safety, encouraging participants to recognize, evaluate, and take action to safely escape in the event of an active shooter or other catastrophic event.