On Monday March 11, 2019, at approximately 1:20 pm the NCSO received a 9-1-1 call in reference to a possible act of arson in the 8000 Block of NW 1300 near Cryer Creek. The caller believed that the pasture fire had just been intentionally set and gave a description of the possible suspect vehicle.

Corporal Shane Richards, along with Deputies Ryan Gantt and Alberto Espinosa, saturated the area in an attempt to locate the suspect vehicle. Corporal Richards was in the area within approximately ten minutes of the call being dispatched and later located the suspect vehicle shortly thereafter parked outside the gate of a residence on NW 1390 in the Cryer Creek community.

Corporal Richards spoke with the driver of the vehicle and after conducting an initial investigation, he obtained probable cause to detain the suspect and transport him to the NCSO where a Felony arrest warrant for Arson was obtained.

The fire burned approximately 1/4 acre before being extinguished by Emhouse Volunteer Fire Department personnel. This is a perfect example of citizens being observant and reporting suspicious activity.

Sheriff Elmer Tanner