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Public Service Announcement


Public Service Announcement:

I have become aware of criminals across the state (via list-serve) that are "conducting business" under the auspice that they are affiliated with local counties or clerks offices.

In Ellis County, it was reported that they have hacked into the phone system so that the number shows up as a county number. The Ellis County Sheriff has already addressed the issue. I have not received any reports in Navarro County at this time.

The scammers are claiming to be process servers and telling citizens that they are to pay $xx.xx amount over the phone or they will be arrested or a warrant will be issued. The courts in Navarro County do not ask or accept payment over the phone (unless pre-arranged) and anyone involved in litigation is not required to pay for process service except for services requested/rendered, the filing of a civil or family suit or otherwise ordered by a Judge through a signed order or judgment.

Dont become a victim to these scams. Always verify the validity of the information before sending payment.

Sheriff Elmer Tanner