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Statement From Sheriff Tanner Regarding Recent ICE Operation




Due to the many recent false and negative comments being made in the community and on various social media outlets, I feel it necessary to clarify some details of the recent ICE operation in Navarro County.


  1. The operation was a Department of Homeland Security / ICE operation.


  1. The operation targeted criminal aliens who are non-US citizens who have been convicted of a crime or crimes. Again, convicted criminals. 


  1. There were no checkpoints, no officers going door to door just to check citizenship status, or raiding of employers who may have employed non-US citizens.


  1. There were NO doors on anyone's homes busted in, no one was assaulted or beaten with sticks or guns.


  1. An ICE community relations liaison officer was present to assist affected families during the entire operation.


  1. I did not contact ICE to request this operation and this operation was not due to the recent cock fight arrests in Navarro County.   


I do not appreciate individuals or groups who target the misery of families affected by this operation to facilitate their own agenda. Because of the many false rumors, unrest and untruths being spoken throughout the community, I felt it necessary to report to the media that ICE had left town on Saturday. But even that led to negative comments and more false accusations and untruths.

I truly appreciate those who have been brave enough and have had the courage to tell the truth about this operation and that it targeted criminal offenders only.

The people of Navarro County have elected me to serve as sheriff, the chief law enforcement officer of the county. I do not take the position or the trust of our citizens lightly and I never will. Upon request, we will assist any law enforcement agency that is in our county to legally enforce the law.

I am appalled that individuals would attack my Christianity and my integrity, especially as a result of this operation which in turn resulted in false accusations, rumors and lies.

These ICE operations are conducted all across the state of Texas, not just in Navarro County.


Unfortunately individuals, no matter their race, creed or status, who choose to break the law, are often separated from their families. It is unfortunate that these innocent families suffer as a result of a member of that family committing a crime.

I do not see color or status when the law is broken, when it comes to convicted criminals and the safety of the people I have sworn to serve and protect all citizens, regardless of race, status or creed. I took an oath to uphold the laws in the state of Texas and I will continue to do so for the safety of all our citizens.                                                                                                                         

Any question regarding this operation can be forwarded to U.S. Department of Homeland Security Immigration and Customs Enforcement Dallas Texas.           



Thank you,


Sheriff Elmer Tanner  



Monday, July 27, 2015  Monday, July 27, 2015 b