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Officers Under Attack

Today is another one of those difficult days that I dread. Not only as the Chief Law Enforcement Officer of the county but as a brother in blue. I, like you, was watching on the news last night as an ambush, a cowardly attack unfolded on our law enforcement brothers and sisters. I woke today to hear that eleven officers were shot and of those eleven, five of those officers, lost their lives due tothis heinous act. Four of the deceased officers served on the DPD and the fifth was someone close to home. Brent Thompson was a former resident of our county, a NCSO deputy, CISD Police Officer and a (DART) Dallas Area Rapid Transit Police Officer. A husband, father, son and the brother of our own District Attorney, Lowell Thompson. 

Officers are under attack. This is the second attack in less than a year on the DPD and it's officers. Everyday, law enforcement officers serve this nation with courage, bravery and distinction by protecting ALL of us from harm. That protection, however, comes at great risk to the men and women who courageously don the uniform and wear the badge. It is something that sadly keeps officers on 24/7 whether wearing the uniform or not, for the target on our backs is larger now more than ever.

Last nights events, along with those in the past few years, reminds us that it is imperative that we must have understanding and most importantly, communication. It is also a reminder of the great importance and value of good connections, relationships and support with our fellow agencies, with our community, to have awareness and the cooperation between us all. 

Our profession is hurting and we are heartbroken. I ask that you please join me and the men and women of the NCSO, to pray for our strength and for the Dallas officers and their families during this extremely difficult and trying time.

Thank you and God Bless, 
Sheriff Elmer Tanner

 Valor, Service, Duty, Honor our Fallen Officers, Fidelity, Sacrifice, Integrity


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