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Way to Go Deputy Lewis!

First I would like to thank Miss Godbey for not only noticing one of our officers assisting someone in need but for also taking the time to make a positive post when it seems so easy now days for most to post or comment negatively.

The deputy she is referring to is Deputy Keith Lewis who was not dispatched or asked to assist, nor did he know he was being observed, it was an act of compassion, is just his nature and doing what he does on a daily basis. The right thing.

"Integrity is doing the right thing even when no one is watching." -C.E. Lewis

Sheriff Elmer Tanner

See information below

Posted by Westtie Godbey 


"A few minutes ago I witnessed a elderly man struggling to get through the grass and rough gravel in his wheelchair as I headed toward the eastern part of town. On the way back I saw a parked sheriff Tahoe and several yards away there he was pushing that same elderly man to get him out of the tall grassy area that he was struggling through. That sheriff took just a few minutes out his morning to help that man. Whoever you are sheriff, thank you. Be the change you want to see people. There is so much good out in the world." 



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