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"In God We Trust"


"In God We Trust"

When most Americans hear the words “In God We Trust," they think of a phrase printed on our money, something you hear about in the news where some group wants it removed from the one dollar bill or from our courthouses, etc.

It’s easy to forget the significance of this message, and all too many disregard that it has any significance at all. But there are those who haven’t always had such an easy time denying the words’ value.
These four words are powerful. From the Mayflower, people understood that they had to trust in God, as they knew they were going to need Him. And they did. The time came, trusting in God is also what got the first true Americans through the ordeals that challenged them. Our Founding Fathers trusted Him to see them through many struggles against distant tyranny.

The reason “In God We Trust” is because as people, without whom we would not be here as Americans, understand the importance of trusting Him. God is an integral part of the United States. This great country of ours literally would not be here without Him. "This is why it is nothing less than an insult to the nation’s roots when people, born and raised in the modern comforts of America, too young to have faced any of the turmoil and anguish that gave it life, call for the suppression of those words. There are those who do not want it displayed in City Hall, in other public buildings or in some cases even on our money anymore."
And that, is a shame.

So on this Good Friday, I am very proud to report to our citizens that the Navarro County Sheriffs Office has begun displaying our nations motto on our patrol vehicles. It has become extremely disheartening this last year how law enforcement has been painted with a brush that we’re the "bad guys."

We at the NCSO are proud and we would like the people we serve to be proud as well, for we know we are better than what those people portray us to be.

We have begun with our new Tahoes and we continue having the decals put on all our marked vehicles. I would like to say thank you to Action Sign and Banner for all your assistance.

Sheriff Elmer Tanner


Sheriff Tanner and other stand next to a Tahoe with a new "In God We Trust" decal