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Illegal cockfight results in arrests


This afternoon our NCSO deputies made a surprise visit to a cockfight in progress in the 13000 block of NW 3050 Purdon.
The property owner was arrested
for cockfighting which is a state jail felony after evidence of a cock fighting operation was observed at the location. A fighting ring, live and deceased birds were present at the location along with other evidence to support cockfighting.
The cash prize money $7,731.00 was seized and an asset forfeiture will be filed. Several spectators fled the scene as deputies arrived. As of 2021, cockfighting is a crime in every state and 42 states penalize it as a felony. It is illegal to be a spectator at a cockfight and is a class C misdemeanor offense in the state of Texas.
We intend to remain diligent in our efforts to locate and stop this cruel and horrible blood sport in Navarro County.
We did not include any graphic photos from the scene.
Thank you and good job to the deputies and detectives who investigated this incident.
Sheriff Elmer Tanner
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