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National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day


Thank you to all those who answer the call. Thank you for putting your community and those in it, above many things when the need arises. Officers put their lives on the line every day to protect many they do not even know. Many of those have little to no concern, care or respect, but yet the men and women who swore to protect and serve do just that. Regardless.
Thank you for giving up holidays, birthdays and family gatherings, missing your child's school events and sports games because when duty calls, you drop everything and respond.
Thank you for giving up on so much of your family life to serve the many who depend on you. Thank you to those countless families for the sacrifices you must make daily as well. You also are appreciated for understanding the dedication and calling.
Even when not in uniform or on duty, officers put others lives and safety before their own no matter where or when. Every time they walk out the door, they know there is no guarantee of a return home, yet they still answer the call and for little pay, little respect and most days with little to no gratitude and appreciation.
Most importantly, thank you for doing a job most wouldn't do. Especially now in these current times. It takes a special individual. One who is selfless, caring, strong, courageous, sacrificing beyond comprehension, dealing with day in and day out, especially in our
current climate, with the things most of us would refuse to.
Quick, split second decisions must be made in life or death situations many times. There is never a guarantee that their decision in that exact second is the is right one but they still show up, suit up, put on the vest and take the hits, the hate, the criticism and abuse to be there in a moments notice no matter the danger or sacrifice. No matter who is in need.
Thank you, stay safe and God Bless.
Sheriff Elmer Tanner
May be an image of text that says 'Thank you for your service JANUARY NATIONAL LAW ENFORCEMENT APPRECIATION DAY And maybe just remind the few if ill of us they speak that we are all that stands between the monsters and the weak.'