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I Would Appreciate the Opportunity to Continue Serving You as Sheriff of Navarro County


Dear Citizens,

Today, along with the support of my wife and family, I reinforced my commitment to the citizens of Navarro County by filing for re-election as Sheriff of Navarro County. I have served the citizens of Navarro County for approximately 27 years with the last three year as your sheriff. 
We have faced many issues together during my tenure as sheriff, including a tragic murder/suicide that resulted in five deaths, wildfires, flooding and many other critical situations. Through each and every situation, I believe I have been there as a leader who is willing to not only take on the challenge, but to also stand along side the men and women of the NCSO as we work together to forge ahead and overcome each and every one of daily challenges we face. 
We have upgraded our facilities and improved every aspect of the NCSO from inmate health care, food service, maintenance, advanced technology and many other changes too numerous to list. Our county jail has passed every inspection by state officials during my tenure as sheriff. We constantly evolve to keep up with the needs of our citizens while taking a proactive approach to law enforcement. 
I can report that as your sheriff, I have been fiscally responsible to the taxpayers of the county. I proudly report that during my first three years as sheriff I have saved our taxpayers money by returning over $2.2 million in unused budgeted funds to the county. 
I have engaged our citizens in business decisions, kept our citizens informed by attending crime watch meetings, created social media sites to keep citizens informed including the new NCSO website, Facebook page and Twitter feed, my monthly report in the "Dear Citizens" letter, and improved communication and relationships with other local, state and federal agencies. 
It has been an honor to serve you as Sheriff of Navarro County. I take the responsibility and challenges of chief law enforcement officer in the county very seriously and believe I have demonstrated such. 
"Meeting your needs exceeding your expectations" was my motto as I ran for sheriff and it remains my motto still today. I firmly believe that I have fulfilled that promise and have led the agency by example.
I would appreciate the opportunity to continue serving you as Sheriff of Navarro County. I humbly ask for your continued support, and for your vote to re-elect me as your sheriff. 

Thank you, 

Elmer Tanner
Navarro County Sheriff


Sheriff Tanner sitting at a table with others at a polling place