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National Police Week comes to an end


Today marks the last day of National Police Week and is National Police Memorial Day.

Instead of just offering the typical tribute we wanted to promote an understanding of what this week and day means to the law enforcement community -- not just those who serve, but those who love them.

This week (typically) people from all over the country will travel to Washington D.C. and honor the names of the recent fallen officers who have been added to the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial. This experience, as you can imagine, is extremely emotional as it is a recognition of all the lives lost in the line of duty the past year.

These are their families, spouses, children, partners. These are the people they have left behind.

Because as we have always said, when you look at an officer in uniform -- they are so much more. They are someone's daughter, father, wife, husband and friend.

We hope you take this day to not only honor those who give the ultimate sacrifice, but honor those who sacrifice every day to support their loved ones in uniform.

We need to take this day to spread the word in our country, that our officers are human beings just like you. We all have the same fears, the same concerns and the fear that our choice of profession may leave our children without a parent. That we might be another name on that memorial.

Let's honor today by fighting to humanize our officers, so hopefully, we will see fewer names added to the memorial next year.