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National Public Safety Telecommunicators Week

  Today begins National Public Safety Telecommunicators Week. “Telecommunicators” is the professional title for those we affectionately call Dispatchers or 911 Operators. They are the true First Responder. The lifeline for not only the community, but for the Officers, Deputies, Firefighters, and Paramedics on the street. They are the hero most will never meet. Please take time to thank and honor these heroes in your community. Take them a pizza, cookies or a card. Let them know you appreciate the job they do. We send them all our thanks and tip our hats in their honor.
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NCSO arrests man for cutting student

NCSO arrests man for cutting student Apr 8, 2019  

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Patrick James Navin


The Navarro County Sheriff’s Office arrested a former Mildred High School chemistry teacher Friday, April 5, for injury to a child after he allegedly cut one of his students the day before with a pair of scissors.

According to the NCSO's incident report, Patrick James Navin, 66, allegedly picked up a pair of scissors during a lecture and drug the sharp edge of the scissors across a student's forearm, breaking the skin and leaving a red whelp about three inches long.

The report states that Navin said, “And this is how cells reproduce,” and placed the scissors back on the desk like nothing happened.

Navarro County Cpl. Keith Lewis met Friday with MISD Superintendent Shannon Baker, who said he was in the process of letting the teacher go due to the incident.

Baker also requested a criminal trespass warning to be issued for Navin for Mildred ISD, which resulted in Navin's car being inventoried and towed.

During the search, Cpl. Lewis found a 9mm handgun and two magazines in the center console.

Once at NCSO, Navin admitted dragging the scissors across the student's arm, but said that it was an accident that it cut him, according to reports.

Navin was charged and booked into the Navarro County Jail where his bond was set at $25,000 by Judge Connie Hickman.

Baker submitted the following statement Monday to the Corsicana Daily Sun:

“Mildred ISD received a complaint from a parent, stating that a student had been injured by a teacher. MISD takes these allegations very seriously. The safety of our students is the district’s number one priority. The teacher against whom these allegations were made, has resigned from the district. The district has reported this incident to law enforcement and the State Board for Educator Certification. The district intends to follow Board Policy and state law and investigate the matter thoroughly. Because this is a student and a personnel matter, the district is unable to offer more details or comment further, pursuant to federal law protecting student privacy, state law and board policy.”

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Thank you Deputy Krystal McCollum


I would like to recognize and say thank you to our own Deputy Krystal McCollum who recently made an important and special donation within our community.

Deputy McCollum donated approximately 12 inches of her hair to an organization specializing in children’s hair loss. The hair will be utilized to make wigs and no doubt bring back confidence and make a deserving child feel special.

Sheriff Elmer Tanner

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Deputy Esparza completes Patrol FTO Program

Congratulations to Deputy Ismael Esparza who has successfully completed the 16 week Patrol FTO program.

We wish Deputy Esparaza all the best as he serves our citizens from the Patrol Division.

Sheriff Elmer Tanner

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Welcome Detention Officer Feemster

Please join us today in welcoming Michael Feemster to the NCSO as he begins his new career as a Detention Officer.

Congratulations and best of luck in your new position.

Sheriff Elmer Tanner

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Hollifield promotion

Congratulations to Deputy Adam Hollifield who was promoted today to Corporal in Detention at the NCSO.
We wish Corporal Hollifield all the best with his new position.

Sheriff Elmer Tanner
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NCSO busts illegal gambling ring

Navarro County Sheriff's Office busts illegal gambling ring Arrest warrants pending, machines seized Apr 1, 2019

The Navarro County Sheriff's Office busted an illegal gambling operation Friday night at Arizona Charlie’s Bingo in Rice.

According to Sheriff Elmer Tanner, his department and the State Fire Marshal's Office responded to illegal gambling and fire code complaints. NCSO immediately secured the building pursuant to a search warrant.

District Judge James Lagomarsino signed an evidentiary search warrant and Detectives investigated for hours, photographing, recovering and seizing evidence and taking statements.

The officers located a room inside the building that contained approximately 76 machines that were believed to be utilized in an illegal gambling operation.

This case remains under investigation and as a result, arrest warrants are pending.

“Most bingo goers were oblivious to the gambling ring in the back room,” said William Dixon, Navarro County District Attorney. “They have nothing to fear from this investigation.”

Dixon said he was there personally at the beginning of the search and witnessed the professionalism of the Sheriff's Office.

“This seizure of illicit funds hopefully will deter other illegal gambling operations from operating in Navarro County,” he said. “We will take these cases to trial if necessary. Just last fall I went to trial on a gambling operation in Angus. In that case all the gambling machines were destroyed and the gambling money was forfeited.”

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Bonds total $50K for man, 72, charged in rash of area horse thefts KWTX 10

Bonds total $50K for man, 72, charged in rash of area horse thefts Clifton Ray Goines. (Jail photo) By Rissa Shaw |   

NAVARRO COUNTY, Texas (KWTX) A man has been arrested in connection with a rash of horse thefts in the eastern part of Navarro County.

The Clifton Ray Goines, 72, was booked Wednesday evening.

He remained jailed Thursday in lieu of bonds totaling $50,000.

He's charged with two counts of theft of livestock.

Sheriff Elmer Tanner said they arrested him at his home near Kerens and took him into custody Wednesday afternoon after obtaining a warrant.

"My detectives have worked diligently on this, and I'm proud to say we made an arrest today," Tanner told KWTX.

According to Tanner, investigators believe Goines was stealing horses, then selling them to be slaughtered.

"We believe they were going to kill pens," said Tanner.

They've linked Goines to at least five of the horses, but believe he's responsible for stealing and selling more, Tanner says.

He says they've had about seven horses reported missing or stolen over the past three weeks.

"It started becoming apparent these horse were not missing, they were being stolen," said Tanner.

They've located two of the horses, alive, in other areas of Texas and have a hold on them, Tanner said.

However, it's possible others did not survive.

Tanner says social media helped aid in the investigation.

"We started to put the pieces of the puzzle together and got a break in the case, and from that we were able to develop a suspect," said Tanner.

Tanner says the reports of missing and stolen horses are still coming in.

The sheriff's office has enlisted the assistance of the Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association in the ongoing investigation.

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Arrest made after investigation of several missing/stolen horses in the Kerens area

The Navarro County Sheriffs Office has just made an arrest in the investigation of several reported missing/stolen horses in the Kerens area.

Two of the stolen horses were located outside the county and we are hopeful they will be reunited with their owner as soon as possible. The NCSO developed a suspect in the case and later our detectives obtained enough evidence to obtain an arrest warrant. The suspect was arrested this afternoon at his residence near Kerens on a felony warrant for theft of livestock. This case remains under investigation.

I want to applaud the efforts of our Patrol Division and Detectives who worked to solve this case as well as our community who has been active on social media both reporting and sharing information on these thefts.

Sheriff Elmer Tanner

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