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Deputy Thurston completes patrol field training program

Congratulations to Deputy Travis Thurston on successfully completing our patrol field training program. We wish Deputy Thurston the best of luck with his assignment in the patrol division and look forward to him serving the citizens of Navarro County.   Sheriff Elmer Tanner              

Deputy Porter completes patrol field training

Congratulations to Deputy Matt Porter on successfully completing our patrol field training program. We wish Deputy Porter the best of luck with his assignment in the patrol division and look forward to him serving the citizens of Navarro County.   Sheriff Elmer Tanner            

Deputy Wafer transfers to administrative deputy position

Congratulations to Deputy Fredia Wafer who will transfer from the patrol division to administrative deputy effective February 1st. Deputy Wafer has over twenty four years of dedicated service to the NCSO as a correctional officer and patrol deputy. We wish Deputy Wafer the best of luck with her new position.   Sheriff Elmer Tanner              

NCSO welcomes Pastor Chris Marsh to the NCSO family

Today we are welcoming Pastor Chris Marsh to the NCSO family as our newest volunteer Chaplain. Pastor Marsh is no stranger to law enforcement as he previously served with the Dallas Police Department over twenty eight years before retiring at the rank of patrol sergeant. We want to thank Chris and his wife JoAnn for volunteering to assist us with this very important role in law enforcement.   Sheriff Elmer Tanner            

Good luck Deputy Bates

Today we are saying goodbye to Deputy Brandon Bates after eight years of dedicated service to our Navarro County citizens. Deputy Bates worked in corrections, civil deputy, patrol and our criminal investigation division during his tenure as well as being assigned to the NCSO Tactical Team. We wish Brandon well in his future endeavors as an officer for the Navarro College Department of Public Safety.   Sheriff Elmer Tanner              

Drawing dropped off at NCSO is very appreciated

We are very moved, appreciative and grateful to the kind and caring individual who's drawing was dropped off earlier to the NCSO this week. I would like to personally thank you for not only your support, kindness and generosity but for sharing with others, your God given talent.   Sheriff Elmer Tanner              

NCSO Tactical Team assists Limestone County SO on high risk narcotics search warrant

On Friday, January 15th, the NCSO Tactical Team responded to a request for assistance by the Limestone County Sheriff's Office. The request was regarding a high risk narcotics search warrant execution in Limestone County. Due to the combined efforts of the agencies, different drugs and numerous guns were seized at the location and we are proud to report all officers remained safe.   Sheriff Elmer Tanner

TDCJ Sgt. Elbert Manor EOW

Sgt. Manor was a good friend, dedicated officer and was always ready to assist in any way. Cheerful in all weathers and never shirked a task. You will be missed my friend.   Sheriff Elmer Tanner         Freestone County Sheriff's Office Our law enforcement community has lost an amazing officer, man, and friend. TDCJ Sgt. Elbert Manor was an intricate piece to crime fighting in Freestone County and several surrounding counties. He was THE MAN from TDCJ that was contacted when the FCSO or other agencies needed tracking dogs and horses to track down dangerous person(s). For years, I worked with Sgt. Manor and always knew I could count on him. He and I rode a many of horses together, jumping creeks, running into tree branches, pushing through briars, in the dark of night, as we followed the TDCJ dogs to catch who our law enforcement was after......and we caught them every time. And, Sgt. Manor was always first and in the lead. I'm not sure I'll ever have a better man to ride with chasing them dogs. Sgt. Manor, you did good, bud. I'm not sure how the sunset looks as it goes down on those beautiful meadows in Heaven as you overlook it on horseback, but I know what I'm envisioning as I think of you. I'll miss you. Our law enforcement will miss you. Thanks for the rides through the years, and thank you for your service and commitment to the safety of our citizens. Prayers for his family and those that worked with him daily. He will be truly missed by a great many across a many of counties. EOW 1-13-2021 Sheriff J. Shipley

Thank you to all those who answer the call

Thank you to all those who answer the call. Thank you for putting your community and those in it, above many things when the need arises. Officers put their lives on the line every day to protect many they do not even know. Many of those have little to no concern, care or respect, but yet the men and women who swore to protect and serve do just that. Regardless. Thank you for giving up holidays, birthdays and family gatherings, missing your child's school events and sports games because when duty calls, you drop everything and respond. Thank you for giving up on so much of your family life to serve the many who depend on you. Thank you to those countless families for the sacrifices you must make daily as well. You also are appreciated for understanding the dedication and calling. Even when not in uniform or on duty, officers put others lives and safety before their own no matter where or when. Every time they walk out the door, they know there is no guarantee of a return home, yet they still answer the call and for little pay, little respect and most days with little to no gratitude and appreciation. Most importantly, thank you for doing a job most wouldn't do. Especially now in these current times. It takes a special individual. One who is selfless, caring, strong, courageous, sacrificing beyond comprehension, dealing with day in and day out, especially in our current climate, with the things most of us would refuse to. Quick, split second decisions must be made in life or death situations many times. There is never a guarantee that their decision in that exact second is the is right one but they still show up, suit up, put on the vest and take the hits, the hate, the criticism and abuse to be there in a moments notice no matter the danger or sacrifice. No matter who is in need. Thank you, stay safe and God Bless.   Sheriff Elmer Tanner              

Traffic stop leads to narcotics arrest

On 01-06-21 about 3:15 am, NCSO Deputy Thurston and Deputy Grigsby observed a silver dodge pickup traveling on Hwy 14 in Richland with defective equipment. Deputy Thurston conducted a traffic stop on the vehicle in the 12000 block of Hwy 14, Richland Texas. The pickup was found to be occupied by three people. During the course of the traffic investigation, Deputy Thurston asked the driver for, and was granted, consent to search the vehicle. During a pat down for officer safety of one of the occupants, Deputy Thurston located and recovered a black wool cap that contained a large clear baggie with a large amount of crystalline substance, small baggie of crystalline substance and a small baggie containing suspected marijuana along with digital scales. The subject was placed into custody for manufacture/delivery of controlled substance over 4 grams less than 200 grams, possession of marijuana under 2 ounces and resisting arrest, search or transport. The total weight of suspected methamphetamine seized was approximately 105.88 grams. I applaud the job our deputies did in taking this significant quantity of Methamphetamine off our streets. Good job guys and keep up the good work.   Sheriff Elmer Tanner            
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